Size Chart

There is no universally accepted international conversion for shoe sizing; it will also vary slightly from collection to collection among our different styles. Example : Kiss are a Narrow Style Aspire are a Wider Style.

Its important to know that the majority of shoe's sold in Australia are actually a USA Sizings imported from China.

This means you may think you are a Size 9 Australian as the shoe is marked a 9 but all along you have been purchasing Size 9 USA shoe's.

Our shoes are Listed in USA Sizes. We find in Pleaser Shoes an Australian 9 is a USA 9 usually.

If you have wide feet we recommended you go up a size ex: Australian 9 size 10 USA.

Approx Sizing Womens Heel to Toe Inside Shoe Sole Below.

: Size 5.   22.5cm.

: Size 6.   23.5cm.

: Size 7.   24.2cm.

: Size 8.   24.8cm.

: Size 9    25.4cm.

: Size 10  26cm.

: Size 11  26.7cm.

: Size 12  27.3cm.

: Size 13  27.9cm.

: Size 14  28.6cm.

: Size 15  29.2cm.

: Size 16  29.8cm.

Approx Sizing Mens Heel to Toe Inside Sole.

: Size 5   24.1cm.

: Size 6   24.8cm.

: Size 7   25.4cm.

: Size 8   26cm.

: Size 9   26.7cm.

: Size 10  27.3cm.

: Size 11  27.9cm.

: Size 12  28.6cm.

: Size 13  29.2cm.

: Size 14  29.8cm. 

: Size 15 30.5cm

: Size 16 31.2cm

: Size 17 33cm

 Measure your Foot Toe to Heel standing on Paper marking straight down and not under heel and Allow about another 2 to 4 mm for some room.

Example foot = 25.5cm + 4mm = 25.9cm = Size 10 USA but a 9 USA may fit more narrow Feet. The only real way is to Try On sizing online is never easy as everyones feet are different so we can only Guesstimate.

Please note some dancers like a tight fitting sandals and dont add any extra mm. personal choice.